Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information:

We can ship to virtually any address in Melbourne. Note that some products cannot (due to patent protections) be shipped to some destinations and we will notify about it via contact information provided by the customer.

Calculating Cost:

Shipping costs depend on the weight of the order, shipping method, shipping origin and shipping destination.

Delivery Time:

The shipping time varies depending on the location. Our website will determine the destination and we will inform the client about our shipping process during checkout or via confirmation email.


  • You have to inform us at within 2 days if you intend to claim a refund for our service. State the issue with our service that you were not provided correctly and the reason for claiming a refund
  • Shipping cost is non-refundable


Defects are extremely rare due to our high quality servicing process. However, if you believe that your received item is defective:

  • Do not use the product. As soon as the product is used, there is no way to prove whether the defect was due to our service or it was damaged by the user
  • Take clear macro (the flower icon on your camera) photos of the defect and send them to
  • There is usually no need to return the defective product to us if your photos can illustrate the defect clearly


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